How Many Batteries Do I Need To Shoot A Wedding?

If you’re just starting out with wedding photography then I’m sure you have a lot of questions to ask.

I don’t blame you. When I was first starting out there were many things I wasn’t sure about, and I had to do some research. Plus, I wanted to deliver good service to my clients and give them the photos they asked for without running into any trouble.

One of the first questions I had was how many batteries do I need to shoot a wedding. It may sound like a simple question, but it is vital that you know about this because you don’t want to be caught at a wedding without the correct amount of charged batteries.

Join me as I share my findings.

How Many Batteries Do I Need To Shoot A Wedding?

It is recommended that you take an extra fully charged battery with you per camera when you shoot a wedding. A third battery is not required, but it can come in handy if your spare battery is faulty or if you neglected to charge it. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so take your battery charger with you just in case and always remember to charge the batteries before leaving for the wedding.

Should I Buy Off-Brand Camera Batteries?

Off-brand camera batteries are usually cheaper than first-party batteries, hence their appeal. But, the problem with that is that their quality might not be the same as the batteries from first-party manufacturers, and that’s my main reason for advising you to buy batteries from your camera brand. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a quality battery.

Are All Camera Batteries The Same?

No, not all camera batteries are the same, and batteries that are manufactured for a specific brand of camera will only work on that specific brand. For example, you cannot use a battery from a Canon camera and put it into a Nikon camera. When purchasing a battery for your camera, make sure that it was specifically made for the brand of camera that you are using.

How Many Photos Can I Take With One Battery?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many factors. If you use the LCD screen a lot then it will drain the battery quicker, and of course, using the built-in flash will also affect the battery life. But that said, you should be able to take anything between 400 to 700 photos on a decent SLR camera with one battery. Learning to use your camera more efficiently will help you to take more photos on a single battery charge.

How To Get More From Your Camera’s Battery

Let’s have a look at a few ways that you can get more from your camera’s battery.

1.) Don’t use the LCD screen too often

Most SLR cameras have an LCD screen at the back which allows you to preview the photos that you have taken. It can also act as a live viewfinder.

Using this LCD screen too often will drain your camera’s battery quicker, so try not to use it less.

2.) Don’t use your flash constantly

Using the built-in flash can drain your battery quicker than usual, and it is best to only use it when necessary.

3.) Don’t let them fully discharge

Don’t let your batteries completely discharge. When they are exhausted, they won’t be able to hold a charge again. It’s best to keep them partially charged so that you can always have a spare battery around.

4.) Store them in the right place

Make sure that your batteries are stored somewhere where they will not get too hot. Excessive heat can damage them and reduce their effectiveness. A cool, dry place is probably best.

5.) Don’t forget to turn off your camera when not in use

Make sure that you turn off your camera when you are not using it. This will help to conserve battery life.

6.) Use a good charger

Using a cheap or low-quality charger could also harm the camera’s battery, as they can often overcharge them. Using a good quality charger which is recommended by the manufacturer will help protect your batteries.

7.) Keep them clean

Try cleaning the contacts on the battery’s terminals with a cotton swab. This will make sure that they are free from debris and dirt so that they function properly.

8.) Remove batteries when leaving your camera unused for a while

Remove the batteries from your camera if you do not plan to use them for several months. This will prevent the battery from losing contact, and getting damaged. If lithium batteries are stored in a cool place, they might be fine to leave out of the camera. Otherwise, remove them and store them separately.


As a wedding photographer, you should always arrive at the wedding fully prepared. This includes having a backup of vital camera equipment, including batteries for your camera.

I would advise you to at least take an extra battery with you when you shoot a wedding. And, as I always like to be prepared, I would also advise you to consider taking a third battery with you, just in case. Rather be over-prepared than getting caught empty-handed.

It is also critical that you keep these batteries fully charged so that you don’t arrive at the wedding with dead batteries.