Do Wedding Photographers Retouch Photos?

You’re very excited about your big day, and you’re also very excited to get it all captured by a wedding photographer.

You might have seen a certain style of wedding photos from a friend or on social media, and you are wondering if your wedding photographer will be able to retouch your wedding photos.

Or, you might be wondering if your wedding photographer will be able to edit out any unwanted objects captures in your wedding photos.

In this article, I will answer all your questions.

Let’s take a look.

Do Wedding Photographers Retouch Photos?

Yes, wedding photographers retouch photos in order to make them look more pleasing than the original photos and to remove certain objects that take away focus from the main object in the photos. Professional wedding photographers shoot in a file format called RAW, and photos in this file format are known to have a flat and dull appearance, and photographers will often retouch them by adding more color and in some cases, more exposure, to fit a certain style required by the client.

Do Wedding Photographers Edit Every Photo?

No, wedding photographers do not edit every photo. During a wedding, the wedding photographer can take anything between 2000 and 4000 photos. Out of this batch of photos, only 400 to 800 photos will be selected, edited, and presented to the wedding couple.

Wedding photographers will often handpick only the best photos taken on the day, or ask the wedding couple to pick their favorites, and only these photos will be edited.

What Do Wedding Photographers Use To Edit Photos?

There are various tools that wedding photographers can use to edit photos, but the two most popular applications are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

These two applications allow any photographer to retouch any photo to make it look more appealing and to accommodate for better lighting in the photo if conditions were not ideal during the photo shoot.

In addition to this, both these applications give the wedding photographer the ability to remove any unwanted objects from the photos.

Why Do Wedding Photographers Not Give Raw Files?

Wedding photographers don’t give wedding couples raw files because these files are unedited and normally dull in appearance.

Editing these files to look better and more pleasing is part of a wedding photographer’s job, and giving RAW files to a wedding couple means giving them an unfinished product.

It is also worth noting that RAW files won’t have the style that you and your wedding photographer agreed upon, and this is also a big reason why wedding photographers don’t hand out the RAW files.

How Long Should It Take To Get My Wedding Photos Back?

One thing that many wedding couples are not aware of is the fact a lot of time is spent editing the photos taken during a wedding. This takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of skill as well.

As mentioned earlier, a wedding photographer can take up to 4000 photos during a wedding, and select up to 800 photos to edit. As you can imagine, editing 800 photos will take a long time.

Editing a photo can take anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes, or even more if the photo requires it. On average, a wedding photographer can take up to 40 hours to edit all the hand-picked photos from a wedding day.

On average, you can expect to get your photos back between 4 to 6 weeks, and this depends on how busy your wedding photographer is. If your wedding photographer is not very busy, then you can expect to get your photos back within 2 weeks after the wedding.


As you can see, wedding photographers do retouch photos. It is not always possible to capture every special moment perfectly, and sometimes a little work is needed in post-production to make certain photos look more appealing.

Some wedding photographers will also be able to add a certain style to your photos on request. This is very useful when you want a similar style to a photo you’ve seen from a friend or online.

And don’t be concerned, if conditions (like the lighting) are not ideal on your wedding day, then your wedding photographer should be able to fix it by retouching the photos.