Do DSLR Cameras Need Servicing?

DSLR cameras can be expensive, and they are probably the most important piece of gear in your camera bag. Without your camera, you can’t take any photos.

It is therefore very important that you take proper care of it so that it will last you long.

Do DSLR Cameras Need Servicing?

Yes, DSLR cameras need servicing by a professional technician at least once a year to maintain the general functionality of the camera. During servicing, the firmware will be updated if necessary and the image sensor and mirror will be inspected and cleaned. In addition to this, the autofocus system will be checked and the metering will be calibrated as well. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get A DSLR Camera Serviced?

Getting a DSLR camera serviced by a professional technician can cost anything between $75 and $200 depending on the condition of the camera. If it only requires to be cleaned then it will more than likely cost you around $75, and if repairs need to be made then the price can increase.

How Long Does a DSLR Camera Last?

A DSLR camera can last for 5 years or more under regular use provided that you take good care of it and protect it from the elements such as water and dust. Annual servicing is highly recommended as well.

Because DSLR cameras have moving parts, they will eventually wear out and the main reason for this is the shutter. DSLR cameras have a shutter rating which indicates the number of times a shutter can be actuated before it will fail. This is often referred to as the shutter count.

How Do I Know If My DSLR Camera Needs A Service?

As I mentioned earlier, getting your camera serviced at least once a year so you need to keep track of when it was last serviced and then make a note of when it is due for another service.

Another thing you need to keep track of is the shutter count that I briefly mentioned earlier. Cameras across various brands have a different shutter rating, so if you notice that your camera is getting close to its shutter rating then you need to consider taking it in for a service.

A camera’s shutter can fail after a certain number of actuations, and if that happens, it will need to be replaced by a professional technician. This can cost anything from $300 or more. Depending on the price you paid for your DSLR camera, you would need to decide if it is worth it to replace the shutter, or if you should just buy a new camera.

With all of this said, shutter count is not something you should be concerned about until your camera is fairly old and has been used quite a number of times.

Cameras like the Canon 1DX Mark II have a shutter count of 500,000, and this means that you can take 500,000 photos before you need to consider getting the shutter replaced.

Do DSLR Lenses Need Servicing?

It is always a good idea to make sure that your DSLR lenses are properly cleaned. You can do this yourself and you should consider doing it after every use, and also when it has been in storage for a while. Avoid getting it wet, and also don’t store it in humid or extremely cold conditions.

However, a lens will need servicing on a regular basis because it has moving parts inside that can wear out if not properly inspected and cleaned by a professional technician.


As you can see, getting your DSLR camera serviced by a professional technician regularly is a very good idea. Even if you don’t use it regularly, it can’t hurt to get it inspected annually to make sure that everything is working properly.

Some professional photographers, who use their DSLR cameras fairly regularly, often opt to send their cameras in for a service every 6 months.

I would also advise you to take proper care of your DSLR camera whenever you are using it, and also when you are storing it. Make sure to keep it clean and avoid changing lenses in dusty environments. And when you’re not using it, make sure that you don’t leave it in extreme heat or cold.

A DSLR camera is an investment, and you should take proper care of it so that it will last you for many years.